Six Steps to Use Instagram to Promote Your Coaching Company

Six Steps to Use Instagram to Promote Your Coaching Company

In just ten years Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool that smart entrepreneurs embrace. In December 2020…

* Instagram has more than 1 billion active users. This means your market is most likely using Instagram, and your competitors are too.

* 67% of US adults use Instagram. It’s certainly worth the investment.

* Instagram’s younger audience – more than half of Instagram users are aged between 18 and 29. If this is your market, Instagram is the right place.

* 63% of Instagram users check their Instagram best smm panel feed at minimum daily-that’s quite a few eyes on your phone!

The platform has seen double-digit growth each year and shows no signs it is slowing down. It’s clear that Instagram is now a key part of your marketing strategy.

Instagram is a simplified version Facebook. It focuses on mobile visual sharing. You can interact with other Instagram users by following, being followed, commenting on their posts, liking them, tagging them and private messaging. You can also save photos from Instagram.

Instagram is so visually-oriented that you have multiple filters to improve photos and videos. You can also adjust the brightness and warmth of your image and change the overlay color. You can also disable audio and select a cover frame for videos. If you have the iOS app you can also trim videos.

Unique Challenges

Instagram has its own challenges and you might wonder if it is worth your time. These are the main reasons:

It’s entirely smart phone-driven. Instagram is not compatible with other platforms. You cannot post to it from your computer. You can’t even use third-party apps to post to Instagram. It is fully designed to appeal to cell phone users. Instagram is an easy choice in countries where mobile usage is high.

2) It is also video and image-centric. Instagram requires photos, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ where text updates are the norm. Instagram calls text “captions”, but unlike other platforms, Instagram allows for more characters than others. Remember that images are more popular than text-only updates on Instagram and other platforms. It is a good idea to focus on images when marketing.

Instagram for Business

Instagram isn’t all about pictures. You can use an Instagram business profile to highlight your brand’s goals and mission, showcase your products, get leads and make sales.

There are two options when you sign up to Instagram: a personal profile and an “Instagram For Business” option. The system works in the same way as Facebook except that the personal profile can be used for your personal use and the business profile allows you to make offers. You can switch your personal profile to a business profile or both if you already have one.

The business profile also gives you analytics access, so you can view stats and demographics for your followers and other like-minded people. This allows you to identify your target audience and their interests. It is possible to pay for promotion of your posts. This is something that you can’t do with an individual Instagram account. You will need to pay to make sure that your posts reach people, just like on Facebook.

Instagram, and Facebook

You may already know that Instagram is owned and controlled by Facebook. This means that you can link both platforms to reach your Facebook audience as well as your Instagram followers.

You can also run an ad on Instagram if you have a Facebook ad. You can also have your content automatically posted to Facebook if it is an Instagram post. This will save you time and keep your social media accounts synchronized.

How can you use Instagram in your marketing?

These are the steps to get started with Instagram to promote your company:

Step 1 – Optimize Your Profile

Instagram requires you to create an account for your personal or business. Here, your new followers can learn more about you and who you are. This is your chance to shine… in 150 words or less.

Step 2 – Start Growing Your Community

Instagram is, above all, a social network. This means that active participation in the community and other activities is essential. Focus on following and connecting with the right people. These include influencers in your area, as well your dream clients. To build relationships, you should start having conversations with these people once you have found them.

The ultimate goal of social media is to get your community to sign up for your list. This will allow you to control how they interact with you. These companies could disappear tomorrow leaving you empty-handed.

Step 3: #hashtags #matter

Instagram uses hashtags more than any other social media network to organize and categorize its content. People who are interested can “follow” hashtags that relate to their interests, much like you might follow other people.

You can harness the power of hashtags by carefully combining tags to ensure your content is found and followed.

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